I like this blog

I like this blog

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If you notice things that could be done differently - better - do not hesitate to tell us. We are in a continuum process of improvement. We consider your suggestions very valuable, since most likely there are things that we’ve gotten used to that could be improved.


Have you been on a great trip? Have you had a nice experience? Have you found some resources that help you plan your trips in a better way? Have you found a good photography course? Do you have some methods which help you manage your time in a more efficient way? An interesting article? Do you follow a blog, podcast, youtube channel or a good author? We are glad to get any of your ideas, stories, pictures or recommendations.

Challenges and needs

What do you find difficult when planning a trip? What do you think the hardest thing is, when you prepare for a mountain adventure? What information would be useful to know about a place or a route? What do you dread the most when preparing for a vacation? What stresses you the most when it comes to trips? If you tell us your challenges and needs we will try to help you. We will try to offer all of the necessary details in describing each story and we will try to find or create solutions which will also make organizing a trip more enjoyable.

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