Recommendations and Ideas

Photographers, videographers, blogs, podcasts and other things we read, follow, listen to, use and recommend.

Our friends

  • 📸 The Mocans - Paul and Lea, talented and hard-working photographers. They have taken our wedding photos and other photo sessions. Their pictures are superb! Moreover, for our trash the dress session they hiked together with us to Piatra Singuratica/The Lonely Rock in Hășmaș Mountains. You will see them mentioned on this site, since we borrowed some pictures from them. You can also find them on  Facebook and Instagram.
  • 🎥 David Marcu - Diligent and talented videographer. He has worked on our wedding video, and has also hiked together with us to Piatra Singuratica/The Lonely Rock for “Trash the Dress”. What came out can be seen here. You can look at another video, filmed in Dumești and Vantarile Ponorului. To find more about David's work, follow him on Instagram.
  • 🚣‍♂️ Excursii din caiac(Kayak trips) aka Acvatic Performer 🏊 - if you want to explore the great lakes in a kayak, if you want to learn to swim, or just to improve your swimimng and keep fit, Alex is the guy who can help you. For kayaks you can find him on Facebook or Instagram. For swimming just on Facebook.
  • 🫐 Heart & Harvest - Delicious blueberries, hand picked and delivered straight home. Sergiu and Nicole have put a lot of soul and work into their blueberry culture, and this is visible in their result. Better said, it is noticeable in the taste of the blueberries. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 🎨 True North Digital - Jim is the graphic designer. He is creative and hardworking. All of his products that I've seen, logos, brands, UX&UI, or any other digital creations look great! On his Instagram there are a few of them, but soon he will have a larger portofolium.
  • Captain Bean Sora - If you are in Cluj and want a good cup of coffee, someone in captain Laurențiu’s team will be waiting for you right downtown. You are awaited with coffee, tea, goodies and always with a good word. Don't miss it. More details about them can be found on Instagram.
  • 🎁&🖨️ Mocoprint - Do you want to surprise your friends with a personalized gift, or do you need to print something that an average printer can’t? We recommend you get in touch with Radu. The team from Lugoj has experience and special equipment, which allows printing almost anything. They are still working on their website, but you can contact them without problems on Facebook or Instagram

To our close friends who read this blog we say that we want this list to grow.

Mountain Blogs

From which we have taken ideas and a lot of useful information for our own hikes:

  • Banda Roșie(The Red Strip) - Outstanding trips and pictures. One of my favourite blogs.
  • Blogul de călătorii al Alexandrei(Alexandra's Travel Blog) - it is already more than a blog and it is done with a lot of passion.
  • It's a pleasure to read what Mr. Dinu Mititeanu writes. We have a lot to learn from his experience.
  • Ioan Stoenică nice trips, gorgeous pictures, useful advice. His youtube channels are also worth seeing.
  • Jurnal de munte(Mountain Diary) aka Rucsac de munte(Mountain Backpack). Their trips' information have been of great use.


To listen to on the long roads

  • Hardcore History with Dan Carlin - truly hardcore. Whether you have a passion for history or not, after listening to the “Blueprint for Armageddon'' series you will see the past and present events from a different perspective. Sometimes it is wonderful to understand history, but most of the time it is frustrating and scary. Finding out what has happened, you become more realistic about the things that could happen. Anyway, I fully recommend Dan Carlin's series to anyone.
  • Fall of Civilizations - a podcast that walks you through the rise and fall of civilizations along the centuries. Paul Cooper tries to understand what was the root of the great civilizations, what is their common factor, how did the people live and how was it to be among those who witnessed their fall. A great eye opening podcast, which brings forward new perspectives.

We Support

  • 🧒📚 The good people from Something New are working hard to offer a chance at education to every child. The kids recieve help with their homework, lessons, games, camps, cultural trips and other things which they did not dare dream of. All of these go hand in hand with the friendship, support and the mentorship of the volunteers. The positive impact which the Something New team has is huge. I remember how, in a certain context, I heard some of the kids saying what they want to be when they grow up. Not a few of them wanted to become… volunteers! For more information on this project, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • 🖐️Asociația Magic - (The "Magic" Association) - is a breath of fresh air for the kids are battling terrible illnesses, and for their families. The team has multiple projects for specific problems. You can go and check out their website to see where you can be of more help: MagiCamp, MagicHome, MagicBOX, MagicHelp epc. You can also find them on Facebook.


  • Maiar - a digital wallet and payments app - keep in mind - just for cryptocurrency. It has been built on the Elrond blockchain, started by a team of programmers and entrepreneurs in Sibiu. It is nice, interactive and user-friendly. For now you can make transactions with eGold (their currency), Binance, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The link also contains a referral: for 200$ bought, you will receive 10$ and I will also get some change. But I do recommend being very cautious and skeptic when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Even if the technology behind it has potential and it is possible that in the future we might use it in everyday life, for now they are extremely volatile. After you thoroughly research and understand it, if you find it interesting and decide to buy, I recommend buying only with money that you would have spent anyway, and you're not affected if you loose them.